05 December 2014

Friday Follies...
Welcome to week's end, and around our "Fortress", that means Christmas decorations (and the tree) go up within the next 72 hours.
(looking forward to see if the lighting "gremlins" have been busy the past year...lol)
Our Hoosierland weather goes something like this - mostly cloudy with temps in the upper 30s range (might even hit 40), and the slight possibility of a chance drizzle.
Later this afternoon, the RAIN comes in with amounts over 1/2 inch or more.
Could be worse...if that was SNOW, we'd be looking at several inches of that fluffy white stuff
(Thank God for small favors, hmm?)
In the meantime, we've got a post that's packed tighter than a dozen clowns in a Fiat 500, so you go grab a nice warm cup of your favorite morning beverage (I've got my coffee flying "co-pilot" for me) , and let's take a look at what's been going on...
*** First off of the runway is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
December 5 - 
Today is BATHTUB PARTY DAY (who makes this crap up?)
Are you serious?
Getting more than TWO average size people in ANY average tub is asking for a lot (like a visit from the plumber to help extricate the occupants). Now, a hot tub is a whole other story...
It's also FAUX FUR FRIDAY, and I'm sure PETA is smiling their asses off. It does make me ask the question 
"Who breeds all those FAUX MINKS...and FAUX CHINCHILLA anyway?"
Lastly, it's INTERNATIONAL NINJA DAY, so break out that katana, sharpen up those throwing stars, dust off your blackest clothing and go have some fun with the "neighbors".
And leave that clinging to buildings stuff to your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, kapeesh?
Let's toss in the next 2 days as well...because I feel like it.
December 6 - 
Saturday is NATIONAL PAWNBROKERS DAY, so hock it if 'ya got it.
And if you need to get something OUT of hock, what the hell are you waiting for?
It's also NATIONAL MICROWAVE OVEN DAY, and we have the invention of RADAR to thank for this one.
Sure makes Marie Callender frozen dishes a lot quicker to prep, that's for sure..(.right, Chris?)
The very FIRST microwave ovens were made by Tappan (licensed from Raytheon, owners of Amana kitchen products and called "Radar-Ranges"
Here's the WIKI:
Now, we take them for granted.
It's also MINER'S DAY, and to all those who brave mines of ALL sorts so we can enjoy a better life, thank yoi.
And, it's ST. NICHOLAS DAY, and that means another WIKI coming at'cha:
Guess that jolly old elf wasn't AS jolly in other countries, nor was he an elf as we've come to know the term.
December 7 -
Sunday is NATIONAL COTTON CANDY DAY...yeah right.
The green giant's Q-TIPS?
Try to FIND some in a colder climate.
Leave it to the U.N. National Assembly to create this back in 1996 (when they should have been attending to global strife).
Here's the WIKI:
I will say that if it were not for civil aviation, the world would have remained a much "larger" place.
Last, and foremost, Sunday, December 7 is the 73rd Anniversary of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor (and a day which will live in infamy).
Here's a WIKI worth the read:
Rather than detail the events of the day, this pertains to the OBSERVANCE or REMEMBRANCE of the event itself, as well as the legacy, replete with memorials to those who lost their lives on that date.
May we never forget, for those who remain with us from that day grow fewer each year..
Moving on...
*** We all heard about that thing called TARP, and the fund allocated to that over the uears (thanks Obummer), but did you know that more money is going out for another "program"?
Here's the story link:
Yep, a program that came out in 2009, called HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) under Obummer's watch, and this is the first time I heard about it.
It basically "gives" mortgage reduction relief (your tax money) to those whose homes might otherwise wind up in foreclosure.
And this is on top of money that has been ALREADY given for the same thing.
Cool stuff, huh?
So, if you went out, and got that over-priced home you could not possibly ever afford, and were having trouble making those nasty mortgage payments, take comfort that a redistribution of wealth is coming YOUR way, thanks to socialists in power (and taxpaying people).
*** Next, two stories of note because of recent events, so hang on to your seats:
Here's the link for both of them (in order):
1) Health care premiums are RISING?
I thought Obummer said they'd be going DOWN?
WTH is up with this?
What a bunch of LIES we've been told...but those suffering HIGHER rates can "shop around" to get LOWER rates (and crap healthcare too, I'll bet).The premium in 35 states are rising 5%, which, in the long run will translate to 25% in a few short years...you watch.
2 ) Here we have yet ANOTHER case of a white police officer killing a black (unarmed) man...this time, in Phoenex, AZ.
A suspect reached into his waistband and was shot and killed by a LEO...should not be a big deal.
And here's why:
The perp was dealing DRUGS, and in that waistband was some OXY. He also had in his vehicle a "jar" of pot (however much that could be), as well as a HANDGUN (which the perp could have gotten his hands onand shot the officer.
Now, "technically-speaking", the suspect WAS unarmed, but had access to a gun, and within arm's reach.
You just watch the race-baiters come out from under their rocks for this one and TRY to turn it into a "civil rights" issue...again, where none is warranted.
Add this to the Cleveland case, the Eric Garner (NYC) case, the Ferguson case, and yes, even the S. Carolina case (look them all up and see the similarities as well as any differences between them).
*** Last back to the hangar today...when one stops and thinks about the sacrifices made by those who served in wars past, and then sees the result OF that sacrifice on our streets today, you have to wonder what's been going wrong here?
We certainly don't wish to diminish those who gave all (and those that gave much), but freedom and liberty are to be cherished...at least in THIS nation (and in my personal opinion).
Instead, we see liberty and freedom stomped on almost daily by those who chase after the almighty dollar, and are not beyond revisiting the past to secure racial bias to form a wedge between our citizens where none is required or (more importantly) desired.
We have come a very long way since the days of slavery, but rather than keep moving forward with establishing better race relations with deeper roots, we're seeing a chasm of divide, where once a mere crack remained.
Those who would foster such beliefs are the ideologues who seek to keep THEIR OWN PEOPLE in bondage.
In fact, these race mongers have gone so far as to empower themselves as THE authority to be followed, rather than the laws we have that apply to EVERYONE equally.
These people seek to become MORE equal than everyone else, and THAT friends, is NOT equality.
Again, we need to separate the wheat from the chaff here, for to continue to allow such murmurings to prevail, race relations could be set back decades.
Those who follow these race-batied snake-oil peddlers need to remove the shackles of this new form of slavery - being a slave to those who speak lies and deceit...being a slave to the liberal agenda...being a slave to  government handouts and programs that don't do a damn thing to lift UP people from despair and poverty, but rather entrench it for generations to come.
THAT is what we need to see happen in this country, for, as usual, our future depends upon it.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Do have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Okay, so after a long day of ninja-ing, I'll be throwing a party in my bathtub. After which, we'll be donning faux fur robes. Looks like I'm going to have a pretty busy Friday. Hopefully, it's ice-cold lager day somewhere, 'cause it sounds like I'm gonna need one after all that. ;)

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I mean if yer gonna do it up...do it up BIG!

I'm not going to even venture a guess as to how TOMORROW will unfold for you...miners, microwaves and pawnbrokers...oughta be "interesting" for sure.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Have a good weekend & stay safe out there!

CWMartin said...

"Today is BATHTUB PARTY DAY (who makes this crap up?)" Um, that would be Cialis.

Faux Fur Friday- most PETA members are probably checking their Red Books to see how endangered the "faux" is.

I'm NOT taking my Microwave out for drinks to celebrate Saturday. It will have to settle for a hot meal, lol.

"Last back to the hangar..." Excellent. When Jesse and Al get the bums' rush at the pearly gates, I hope St. Peter has a copy of this to hand them.

Bob G. said...


I know we seem to have a FAUX president and cabinet.
(I still think PETA stands for: PLEASE EAT THESE ANIMALS)

The "Hangar" gig?
Guess that soapbox of mine still has a few miles left on it...
(thank a preacher I once had for that)

Have yourselves a very good weekend.
And do stay safe up there, brother.