01 April 2015

Humpday Happenings - April Fool's Edition...
Ah, yes...there is NO fool like an APRIL one, is there?
Welcome to the midweek laugh-fest know as Wednesday.
And in today's world, if you can't find ANYTHING to laugh about on ANY given day...you ain't tryin' hard enough.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with a close copy of yesterday, with temps reaching into the  low SIXTIES (wow), mostly sunny skies and some breezes coming along for the ride.
Might be a good day to tell someone to "go fly a kite".
So, let's get ourselves a nice refreshing cup or glass of our favorite morning drink, and get this show on the road, fair enough?
*** First out of the comedy club is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them.".
When I read this, I was really taken by it, as I'm sure you might be when you take time to think upon it.
So, who said that anyway?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the "Show Me" state...
*** Next up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
Well, since this IS the month of APRIL, let's take a look at the monthly commemorations:
--National Humor Month
--International Guitar Month 
(and no gently weeping)
--Keep America Beautiful Month 
(ROFLMAO - yeah the "locals" should have this beat into heir primate skulls daily...!)
--Lawn and Garden Month
 (make that the next SEVERAL months)
--National Poetry Month
--National Pecan Month
--National Welding Month 
(yay, I used to be a welder)
--Records and Information Management Month
--Stress Awareness Month 
(ONLY a MONTH for this???)
--Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Weekly celebrations
Week 1 Library Week
Hello Garden
Week 1 Read a Road Map Week
(I can do that...STILL!).
Week 2 Garden Week
Week 3 Organize Your Files Week
Week 3 Medical Labs Week
Week 4 Administrative Assistants Week 
(note to self - get one)
Week 4 National Karaoke Week 
(sing along, you know the words)
And now...for today:
April 1 - 
---Today is APRIL FOOL'S DAY...
A day to play those pranks on friends, family, and coworkers.
(and suffer the consequences when said pranks are not appreciated, and those friends, family, and coworkers are not amused).
(Okay, Chris, have at it with any trainees you encounter)
Wonder how the LEOS could pull THIS one off?
(And has nothing to do with TATTOOS...just so's 'ya know)
Think of it as LACE -handmade.
Now tatting has become a lost art, sorta kinda.
My grandmother could do that all day and did some great doilies.
(anyone still know what THOSE are?)
Think "place-mats" for end tables - a place to rest the lamp, a candle, or whatever else you have that you don't want to leave a mark
*** Next up....in the Hoosier state, we bring you THE CHURCH OF CANNABIS (inc).
This is not an April Fool joke, friends...it's for real...!
And here's the proof:
Gotta be a joke about "pot-stirring" somewhere.
Remember when I said that there are people out there that test the limits of various laws for ONE reason alone (because they can)?
"Oh, look...it's the CHURCH VAN"...
Like those that pick ONE store out of 30 (or more) to bitch at because THAT store won't do business with anyone who goes against their religious beliefs.
A REAL vision-quest
Like asking a Kosher deli owner to sell you some pork tenderloin...ain't gonna happen, so go to a place that DOES sell it
Well, now we have a group that is "pushing the envelope" when it comes to drug usage, and taking a page from the Native-American "playbook", cites MARIJUANA is part of this church's "ritual"...
((...rolls eyes...))
Did NOT know that getting high was considered a ritual outside of the Indian tribes (who use peyote)...wonder what SORT of "Vision-Quest" these church-goers are seeking?
Maybe they'll commune with Bob Marley's spirit?
This is all a ploy to "test" the Indiana RFRA...(you knew these people would come crawling out from under their rocks for this one.
*** And speaking of "rocks"...how's your "pet" one?
Still living "la vida loca", or has it gone on to that great gravel pile in the sky?
Whatever the case, do you recall the inventor of the highly faddish "pet rock"?
His name was Gary Dahl, and he passed away on 23 March at the age of 78.
Here's the story from the NYT:
Gary Dahl - marketing genius
Actually, the one who INVENTED rocks is GOD...this guy just "marketed" them a lot better (for himself).
You have to admit that it was a novel idea...and spawned many imitators.
Talk about becoming an overnight millionaire (and at $3 a rock, that was a LOT of rocks sold).
*** Next up. Wifey is down safe and sound in Vincennes, visiting her Dad (and going to Red Lobster there later today...DAMN!).
She got the car back yesterday around 1000 hrs and left soon afterward.
"On the road again"
The car performed brilliantly, and the window works again (we figured it would for $900...lol).
Got a new radiator and water pump...all is well in the motoring world again..
The one...the only - YEOMANS
Gotta hand it to Don Yeoman's Service Center...one of the few last bastions of good business down here in the ghettohood.
*** Next, TWO people have been busted for the recent shootings in Fort Wayne.,
Here's the story link:
Imagine THAT...two TEENS...and BLACK ones at that.
You be BUSTED!
I smell a LOT of bad decision-making in this case.
One Deonte M. Young, 18, of the 2000 block of Fox Point Trail was arrested in connection with two recent shootings.
He said 'I really messed my life up".
Gee...'YA THINK????
Talk about a "DUH" moment.
Young is being held on charges of battery with a deadly weapon, , and intimidation in connection with a shooting Friday in which a man was shot in the leg (you remember "limpey"?)
The other teen, one Jordan D. Mathis, 17, was being held on preliminary charges of attempted murder (sure beats aggravated assault...ANY day)
You need to read the story to get the specifics, because it plays like a damn soap opera.
Kids trying to be (and act) "grown up", and failing miserably in the process.
Anyone in what passes for their families ever thought of introducing these kids to some HOBBIES to occupy their time, rather than playing with guns?
Young is being held in lieu of $110K bail (nice amount).
One victim, Charley Allen, 19, who was shot on his porch (last week) is still clinging to life, and a partial lobotomy had to be performed to relieve swelling on the brain. Have to say, it's doesn't look all that good for that young man, and he may become the next homicide victim in the city.
*** Last back to the nursery...ever wonder WHY kids are the way they are, and why they seem WORSE than when you were their age?
Not always THIS innocent.
Naturally, previous generations say similar things about our generation...and so on.
But, today's youth has SO much more than even my generation could dream of.
Now, back in the day, I wasn't roaming about with my peers, stealing hubcaps, cars, or holding up pharmacies and shooting other people our age, and with good reason - it was considered BAD to do such things...and there were CONSEQUENCES for BAD BEHAVIORS.
Plus, we had hobbies like model building, music,.chemistry sets, erector sets, stamp and coin collecting, going to the LIBRARY on a regular basis (and not to watch the pedophiles or bums hanging out, because they weren't allowed in).
We read and collected comics, did art work and went to Saturday matinee showings at the movies.
In fact, we had SO much going on, we could never fit it into ANY ONE weekend, and these were all an aside form the family "day-trips" we would take during the summer months when school was out.
What I'm getting at is that our PARENTS (as in PLURAL) had a LOT to do with how WE grew up. And rightly so.
Nowadays, it's not unusual to see a SINGLE parent doing the work of TWO, and God bless them for such a Herculean task.
In some instances, I think ONE parent can do what two parents can do when raising children, but that's not to say that one parent can take the place of both, however hard the one tries.
This creates unique challenges for a growing child (or children), and although it's not the stigma it used to be, it still presents the potential for problems.
Now, I won't get into ALL that (it would take volumes), but I will say that the "changes" in the TRADITIONAL FAMILY UNIT has had severe and lasting effects on the generations of children growing up, and we can often see the results, especially in low-income neighborhoods, although it's not entirely restricted TO those areas, nor is it endemic to poverty.
This situation crosses all races, classes, and faiths..
It all comes down to HOW WELL the parent (singular or plural) takes on the task of raising their children.
Do it well enough, and the kids grow up without all (or at least much) the emotional and sociological baggage we see kids saddled with today..
Do it poorly, and those kids grow up lacking so many skills and facets to their personalities that can get them established properly in today's world, and can often find them a free ride downtown to the hoosegow...or worse, a ride to the morgue.
It always comes down to choices...and the people that make them, doesn't it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Love your "pot-stirring" jokes. Yikes. I am sure Indiana will fall in line with everyone else in legalizing pot. Not a fan. Not a fan. Happy April Fool's Day!...and all the others as well. LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:

Legalizing pot isn't as "harmless" as everyone thinks...

And, it's not like allowing the camel to get his NOSE in the damn tent with such legislation!
(more like both front hooves and half the damn torso)
Sure, it might dump a lot of money into a state coffer (at first), but what about all the crimes, DUIs and other things which go wrong that WILL follow?
Gonna be knee-deep in victims of these mooks, that's for sure.
And stepping over stoners on the sidewalks...JUST like Amsterdam.
Sorry - not for me.

And a Happy April Fool's Day to you.
(got coffee?)


Thanks for rolling up today to coop for a spell.

You stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

- You should get Keep America Beautiful Month and Lawn and Garden Month signs and post them all along your perimeter. Someone might get a bright Idea...

- Hah! My trainee quit after one day! She did good, but had another job and they wanted her for OT too...

-C'mon, Bob! You know Haile Sellasie was Jesus...

-Please tell me the $900 was for the whole package...

-I wondered why the WANE.com article I read had a asterisk comment about lobotomies with seemingly no reference in the article...

Bob G. said...

--While Wifey and I adhere to BOTH,any signage would be QUICKLY removed by the locals (probably around 0300 hrs)!

--Wow, that really panned out for you, or was that panned out for her?
--I didn't think they were both born in the SAME city...learn something new every day.

Oh, yeah, that was motoring soup to nuts...the WHOLE ball o' wax...the entire enchilada.
We're the only people that spend $900 to FIX a car, rather than spend the same amount to BUY ONE...lol.
(drug dealers and pimps in Hummers, Mercedes, BMWs, Jags, Lincolns and Caddys excluded of course.)

Amazes me how ANY police officer could see ANY one of THOSE $40K+ vehicles in front of a house (down here) that's worth 1/10th the cost OF said vehicle...and do NOTHING about it.

--I missed that on WANE...doesn't make sense with NO referencing article or definition.

Hey, thanks much for taking time to stop by today and comment.

Stay safe up there, brother!