17 June 2015

Humpday Happenings...
Some walk in the rain...others just get wet.
Welcome to the middle of the week, where here in the Midwest...it's RAINING (again)...big surprise there, hmm?
Yes, once again, our back yard gets a reprieve from the mower (even though it needs cutting).
And the number of roads and streets closed by this inundation continue to rise, as does all three of the rivers here. The good news is that I haven't read or heard about anyone named NOAH building some huge boat in his backyard...yet.
Our Hoosierland weather will be more of what we've been having over the last week and a half - showers today, high somewhere in the 80s, not much sunshine, plenty of humidity...where have we heard this BEFORE?
Anyway, let's get our morning drink poured and parked nearby...and take a look at what is going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the rain-drenched culvert today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote for the week:
"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."
So, WHO said that anyway (and no, it ain't someone living in Indiana...lol)
The answer at the toip of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the Grand Ole Opry...
*** Next up, we have our "What the hell happens today, Bob" feature:
June 17 -
What the hell IS this with the veggie thing? Yesterday was was FRESH veggie day...today it's EAT them.
(where the hell's my BACON....I need a sandwich...LOL)
Don't worry, tomorrow's got more things and none of them vegetable-related (we hope).
*** Next, it looks like the Indiana Career Council is thinking of a "revamp" of high school diplomas...
(didn't know they altered them in the first place)
What they want to do is have TWO distinct diplomas:
1) College and career-ready
2) Workforce-ready
When I attended high school, we had THREE types of diplomas
1) Academic (college prep)
2) General (mine - jack of all, master of none kinda thing)
3) Trade-Prep (workforce entry)
Dunno why they HAVE to keep changing stuff like this.
Currently in Indiana, they have FOUR diplomas:
1) General
2) Core 40
3) Core 40  - Academic honors
4) Core 40 - Technical honors
Guess this is what you get when legislating politicians take over for those who SHOULD be running our schools...
*** Next, if you always wanted to take GOLF lessons (and who hasn't?  uh, ME, for one) the local gold courses are OPEN, in spite of the rain.
We're not THIS bad...yet.
Here's the story:
Yeah, that's what I've been dying to do...take golf lessons in the damn rain...NOT!
Can't wrap by mind (and body) around a GAME that forces you to hit a ball FAR away, then chase after it. And when you catch UP to it, what happens next? You hit it still FARTHER away. Where's the frigging fun in THAT?
Well, a lesson from THESE guys would be "fun".
Now, MINIATURE GOLF is okay, but tennis and ping pong is better. At least the ball comes BACK to you every couple seconds.
*** Next, remember a while back when I mentioned that I was playing that Lego Star Wars game, and that it stopped working on the computer due to "support" issues? I was SO close to the end of the game.
Well, I did some informational "digging" and found a solution for our system...and it really WORKED.
The Force was strong with me that day...
So, I FINALLY got to complete the game, and the best part, when I tried the "fix", it picked up the game where I left off, so I didn't have to start ALL the way from the beginning. Nice to see something positive come out of the technology...for a change.
*** Next, had to dust the award off, because THIS perp deserved it SO damn much,
Here's the story link:
A would-be robber who targeted the Walgreens at 330 W. State Blvd on Monday, and that robbery (for pharmacy drugs) didn't go EXACTLY as was planned. Luck was on the side of justice
A FWPD officer was parked in the SAME lot when a call came over the radio about a robbery taking place at the Walgreens in front of him.
So, when the perp exited the store, he was "greeted" by officer Tyler Bennett, who managed to provide some stainless steel "accessories" to go with the perp's outfit.
The robber, one Levi Frank-Halimton, 23, was taken into custody and is also believed to be the SAME suspect wanted in another robbery at a CVS located at 7330 Lima Rd back on 11 June.
Maybe the perp thought it was a SAFE place to rob BECAUSE there was a marked police car in the parking lot, and thought he wouldn't be robbed of the drugs HE robbed the pharmacy of.
Whatever the case, he wins the prize...and it's SO well-deserved.
*** Last back to the rain gutters...well, there can be some blessing attached to the rain.
Homicides on the streets will be fewer, but that chases that indoors. And there are those who will attempt to commit crime in such weather...and get their just desserts.
What it seems to come down to, is that this old world has really created some very crap-headed residents.
You read the news or see stories on TV, and you simply CANNOT believe any of this stuff.
People have become the new "entertainment" for lack of a better term, and it's not because they're doing anything humorous.
Step right in...
They are being totally unbelievable in their actions.
Transgendered, transraced, and everything in between has become a "new normal"? Seriously?
When did BEING NORMAL fall out of vogue, anyway?
When did it become better to be weird? Is American turning into some gigantic freak-show?
This kind of stuff USED to be the sort that could be found in those carnival sideshows, alongside the dog-faced boy, or the lizard lady (who really suffered from severe psoriasis). The sword-swallower and the bearded woman were standard fare in such venues.
But no longer...now we seem to be hip-deep in those who exhibit jackass behavior, or are outright jackasses.
And social media isn't helping it one bit...it's pushing it along at breakneck speed and intent.
The MORE incredulous, the better.
I know I was bored with it from the onset...I'm too busy trying to maintain that level of normalcy to be bothered with all this.
But I FEEL like I'm BLACK, precious...!
And yet, there it is...every damn day...in our faces.
Perhaps we need to keep all this crap in it's proper place and get back to the business of NORMAL in this country.
We've had enough from other nations and their laughter (since 2008) anyway, right?
We need to be better than this...for all our sakes.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

The quote was either Dorothy or Toto, lol...

Screw the veggies! Did you see the story of the kitty given a vegan diet that almost died?

We have different level diplomas? News to me. I probably got the one that covers snark.

As soon as I saw the award, I knew what THAT story was gonna be!

Time to go check on din-din... BTW I saw the picture of your "cuteness apocolypse" on the porch a bit ago... I wish your neighbors could understand the beauty in having something so innocent, so trusting in their lives, without wanting to ruin it.

Bob G. said...

--Dorothy or Toto...LOL, we WISH...it never seems to rain in OZ - just a little snow that wakes you up from those "poppy" fields (near Afghanistan?)
ya can't go doin' that to cute critters...THEY KNOW what's good for them (like BACON is good for me...and pizza, and bourbon)
--We are of like minds, dear friend...hahaha
(and he DID deserve it)
--"cuteness apocalypse"...I like that - and that's ONE apocalypse that doesn't seem to include ZOMBIES, or the end of life as we know it...I'm there.
The locals would not know or understand God's beauty if it came up and bit them in the nether-regions, Chris...and that's not only SAD...but troubling (in many ways).

Thanks much for canoeing on over today to comment.

You stay safe *and kinda-sorta DRY) up there, brother.

Slamdunk said...

Enjoying the sun at the beach this week and realizing all the rain you are getting means that my lawn will be a jungle when I return.

Mini-golf is more my speed anyway. Who has time for 4 hours of big-boy golf anyway? Too expensive a hobby for me--teen boy and I will go hit range balls and be content with that.

Bob G. said...

You are NOT serious...SUNSHINE? What's THAT?
Yep, the lawns are growing at a crazy rate here.

Glad YOU also like mini'golf...and you never wind up wasting FOUR hours.

Been to a driving range a couple time.
The MOST fun was trying to nail the enclosed cart guy scooping up all the balls...LOL!

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.
Enjoy the sunshine amd stay safe out there.