16 February 2017

Thoughts For Thursday...
We're clawing and scratching our way to the weekend.
It's like this week doesn't seem to want to let us go, does it?
But, we are getting there, slow but sure.
The forecast looks like it's behaving itself as well. One thing we didn't hear about was this pop-up snow flurries yesterday afternoon. That caught me off guard, but it didn't last that long. You sneezed, you missed it.
Our Hoosierland weather has us with mostly cloudy skies, temps around 38 degrees and damn if it doesn't look like a close replay of yesterday.
Like where's that morning drink???
So, let's toss caution to the wind, while we all get ourselves a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa and see what has been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the control tower is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners". 
This was spoken by another "newbie", one Laurence Sterne (24 November 1713 – 18 March 1768), and he was an Irish novelist and an Anglican clergyman. Here is his WIKI:
Sterne is one of those people we should be hearing about, as he was one of the first men to support the abolition of slavery.
It's not that long a read, but shows once again how God works in men, especially men "of the cloth".
He wrote the novels The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman and A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy, and also published many sermons, wrote memoirs, and was involved in local politics.
So much for the division of church and state, but remember, this was not America, and Sterne was not a colonist.
The family lived a rather nomadic life, never staying in one place for more than a year at a time.
Having been awarded a master of arts degree in 1740, Sterne was already a deacon since 1737 and became a priest in 1738.
He didn't start writing in earnest until he was in his 40s.
I think you'll find his life better than average for the times.
*** Next up, it's time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Almond Day
(Haven't found one yet I didn't like)
---And, it's National Do a Grouch a Favor Day.
(Feel free to drop by and "favor" me. I am available. HA!)
*** Next up, how to properly assess our king's "State of the Realm" address yesterday...let me count the ways.
1) it was rather boring (as usual)
2) it focused on all the downtown/riverfront crap that 80% of the residents here won't be bothered with
3) he talked about violence, guns, gangs and drugs in our community, and labeled them as "criminal elements".
Sorry, but GUNS are not an "element" of crime...just a TOOL (much like yourself, sire), so please learn the difference, your highness.
(someone needs to take him to the pistol range...soon)
4) he IS a democrat, and that means he'll spend more than any republican.
At least I didn't toss my breakfast or put a bullet into the computer screen...but I did shout a bit.
I just get tired of the same old song and dance, while we wallow in a cesspool of human refuse down here with little to no REAL amenities to speak of (just some bare bones necessities, widely scattered as they are).
Here are the "low-lights" from the speech:
And here is the complete transcript:
That's all about that...for the time being.
*** Speaking of city "improvements", we now have street work going on right outside the "Fortress".
(think of this as "an adventure in pictures"...lol.
Got NO idea what's going on, but it DOES tone down the traffic and even keeps most of the boom cars away.
Thank God for small favors, hmm?
*** Next, let's see what kind of local STUPID we can dredge up...
You tell 'em, George!
---A drug raid leads to two arrests.
Here's the story link:
You be BUSTED!
This took place around 0940 hrs at a house located in the 400 block of WEST Wildwood Ave (where I said crime was spreading years ago) near Hoagland Ave and Lutheran Park (where the old hospital used to stand).
Police arrested Jonathan Lamont Parks, 39,  and Cara Jay Kisling.
He's a got a nice LONG rap sheet, too. LOTS of traffic infractions, possession, resisting...another "20 miles of bad road" career criminal. His address isn't even listed as being on Wildwood.
Typical multiple address for this one.Try 215 W. Oakdale.
The Wildwood place has to be in her name.
Police also found 2 handguns, ammo, and about a 1/2 pound of marijuana at the house.
*** More on that recent shooting at the Lassus on Dupont:
And this is why it's not safe to venture out after dark in more parts of this city.
The getaway driver was listed as Jailon Parrish, 19, and that family name has a real history in THIS city (anyone remember Rico Parrish?), Jailon was arrested on an outstanding warrant, but released on his own recognizance (typical).Pretty bad choice you made fleeing the scene.
*** Next, this story REALLY take the cake when it comes to stupid. Here's the link:
ANY politician with half a brain can see this funding won't work, simply because the number of smokers continues to DROP in the state...and with it the "revenue" that's supposed to be gathered.
Talk about your "duh" moment.
Better to take it from the state SURPLUS, and leave we smokers the hell ALONE.
The GOP is damn near as bad as the leftards these days.
*** Next, I have got to get away from all this damnable stupid, so let's stroll over to "Kitten Corner"...
What? I'm not knocking stuff off NOW."
I actually had to yell at the cats yesterday (first time for everything), as they were running through the house. One of them came down the stairs, jumped on the shelf and knocked one of the castle statuary figures over, onto the floor. Luckily, it didn't break.
"Okay, I haz settled down now."
I had to intervene, and try to get my calm back, as well as theirs.
Didn't take long, and soon all was right again with napping cats anda human with normal blood pressure.
"I just wanna see birdies."
I forget that 20 years ago, we had kittens, but for some reason, it didn't seem near as frenetic as these two are.
Wonder if cats do the "millennial" gig like humans...sure hope not.
*** Last back to the hangar...people are notorious for creating problems.
Now THAT is something we all should know by now, right?
So, it would stand to reason that only PEOPLE can solve them, yes?
Well, not so fast, Sparky. That's isn't the way things seem to work nowadays.
What I'm noticing, is that after people create problems, they like to perpetuate them, and will devise all sorts of "stuff" in the hope that it will appear to be taken care of and thereby cured.
Nope...sorry. That's not a solution.
People will dance all around an issue, toss loads of crap at every wall, thinking that some of it will stick and make the problems go away.
What they need to do is define the problem...FIRST. Learn what caused the problem, and how that problem impacts on other things and can create even more problems.
In other words...learn to PLAN AHEAD. Think about where you want to be, rather than where you currently are, and how best to get to that point with the least amount of hassle.
To many times, we see the folly of bad thinking, like the educational system.
Politicians go and fund all this PRE-K crap and VOUCHER programs, never realizing that THOSE funds take away from a public school system that has been in need of repair for decades, and still they claim they nee more money FOR the public schools. Is this starting to sound like nonsense yet?
It's like fixing the ENGINE in your car by REPLACING the TRANSMISSION...never gonna work, folks.
You can't take money FROM the schools to create programs designed to take students from the same schools and expect the education system to function as it was meant to...right?
This is only the easiest issue to point at. There are numerous other ones that are just as screwed the hell up, if not more so, and we keep allowing those who think they know more to run slipshod over everyone else an say it's the way to go.
Sorry, Mom didn't raise no fool here.
And the sooner the people affected by these changes realize what's being done TO them, rather than FOR them, the better off we ALL will be. Sounds simple enough. All we have to do is choose the right path.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Dude, let me tell ya about the week that didn't want to end. First a recap: The guy who went to Missouri to assure us to the condition of the cutter they were sending us, only to find out several thousand dollars worth of shit he missed when it got here, is the man that started, last week Monday, to find a "cure" for my balky cutter- aka the GOOD machine. His first Idea, last week monday- send an e-mail to MO to see if they had the part we suspected was bad, and/or advice. After ignoring the e-mail for TWO DAYS, he sends another e-mail with the Plant mgr cced. This one gets answered. No, they don't have the part; no, that isn't the problem- if it was bad it would be hot to the touch. Last Friday, finally decided to call in an outside guy, he comes in THIS Monday (aka day 6 of problems). Works on it ALL day, finds no solution. Tuesday night, they switch out another suspected part between the two machines, have me try it Wed. morn to see if that did it. Almost immediately, I found it had not. That night, they swap out the part WE originally thought it was before he took advice from Missouri. Yep, it's the problem. Swap the part back, order a new one, supposed to be here Thursday at 10 AM. Outside guy was here, our maintenence guy was here- no part. Everybody in production BUT ME gets sent home at noon, I have to STAY an hour OT to catch up, and tomorrow we'll repeat the wait for the alleged new part. All because our guy is so afraid to make a call without calling the idiots in Missouri- the same idiots that gave us the POS other cutter in the first place. If they're so damn smart and trustworthy, why was the machine THEY gave us such a POS??? But whadda I know.

Sigh. Here because I can't put it on my blog because the dude in question is a FB friend and the blog publishes to FB. Thanks for the mini soapbox. Moving on...

Oh, look for Doctor #12 on Time Machine...

Sterne seems an interesting and contradictory man, perhaps out of his own time period. Not much of a better time in death, it would seem...

"(Feel free to drop by and "favor" me. I am available. HA!)" Me, too...

Semantics aren't King Tom's strong suit, are they?

Kinda put me in mind of the city street dpt. filling in holes out here this afternoon... throw a shovel in, back over it a time or two with your truck, next hole...

"The GOP is damn near as bad as the leftards these days." Well said.

Another round of Annoy The Human, eh?

All for today. Hoping that as I enter day 14 of "hell is the reset button", everyone comes out alive and unhurt yet again...

Bob G. said...

---WOW - it took TWO days to find out they DON'T have the part needed?
Second guy cannot find a problem that's SO obvious?
And then the "brains" there pulls a "HAL 9000 AE35" swap out and it SOLVES the problem ?
(and people never listen to the grunts in the damn trenches, who know MORE than the generals)
Time for some of the techs there to grow a backbone and stand up for YOU goys...because you're RIGHT (as usual).
---You've always got a voice here, my friend.
---Capaldi on TM? That's worth the price of admission right there...HA!
---Maybe Sterne was a renegade time-lord?
---Ahh, my "fellow grouch". We ARE a unique lot.
---I think Henry is "anti-semantic"...lol.
(good malapropism, yes?)
---I wish the city would do as much out front. Stay tuned for more on that.
---Stupid is no lover of just ONE political party.
---They task me, and I forget I'm not 20 years YOUNGER...heh.
---You just make sure you leave each day with ALL TEN digits intact.

Thanks for stopping over to comment.

Stay safe (through "reset-hell") up there, brother.

David Roach said...

Laurance sterne- an ancestor of Howard?
Tristram Shandy,- isnt that an english craft beer?

it would seem that machinery in your front yard is STORM SEWER FLUSHING MACHINE- i could be wrong.
and maybe next they will be installing insituform srom sewer liner repair- an interesting concept and solution-
wowo- the poor dudes were in mY NBH last week freezing their a55 5s off- because the repair /liner process involves not only hydrant water but steam and in frigid weather with wind well miserable think GERMAN RETREAT FROM MOSCOW WITHOUT ANYONE SHOOTING AT YOU

the idiot THUGS are out shooting each other again in MY NE part of town-
Jason Drive; and Reed roac- next door to st joe methodist church-
last saturday sitting in the tv room- three cop cars go jetting past north- high speed lights and sirens-
and since ordinary citizens cant be trusted with internet access to digital scaanners only the tv and print propaganda tabloid media- no wonder were akept in the dark; AND the FWPD.org police call logs- are restricted to media and other officials only and so wer left with the untrustable local news media reports- lights and sirens- is this any way to run public safety in FTW? public safety is a joke herein fort wayne-If I ever have to cal 911- it will be for the meat wagon because the SOB will be riddled with holes bled out and stiff on my lawn-
im up to here with this sht-

someone over by oakdale needs to sting up effigys of henry and Paddock; maybe engaging in indecent acts of buggery? that will get their attention> me? keep calm and call batman.
have a safe day; and love the kittys- of course- all warm and fuzzy- can you have some PANDAS? then i can think im watching the TV news.. LOL.

Bob G. said...

Gotta be sewer fluhsing and repair
--THAT oughta get a lot of the refuse from the "locals" taken care of (in time for them to dump MORE into the system).
Wonder how much crack and hypos are in there?
---It would be NICE to have SEPARATE sewer and floodwater overflow systems like the REST of the city.
We're a 2-square block area that does NOT have that (from what the GIS map says).
---German retreat from Moscow...LOL.
We had power line guys from Kentucky in our area when that ice storm hit and THEY told me about shots being fired CLOSE to them...imagine that.
---The LOSS of the POLICE radio is something I have been SO pissed over since Rusty stopped that.
Hell, I LIKE to know if I can expect police in MY area...and what they're THERE for (like the domestic next door where the unregistered sex-offender was living). I find stuff out by digging around, because no one talks to you here anymore.
I say BRING BACK the damn FWPD radio...NOW!
---I agree with the status of Public Safety here...should NOT have to become the way it IS.
I hope Chief Reed can unscrew the clusterf*ck that York and Hamilton created.
---I also hope the state passes that concealed carry bill that DOES NOT require a license to be purchased.
---Heh, those effigies would be more "in tune" with the state of the realm of our "king" (Henry).
I would try to get Pandas, but:
1) Petco doesn't stock them
2) China has an export ban on them, for me, anyway.
(do the ghettohood KIDS count? They roam around like wild animals.)

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment.
You stay safe out there.